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Write about Jack the Ripper in your criminology research paper

For more than 125 years the world has speculated about the identity of Jack the Ripper. Armchair detective Russell Edwards, in his book Naming Jack the Ripper, claims the mystery has been solved thanks to forensic and DNA evidence. With this new research, the Jack the Ripper victims can rest in peace and the other […]

Explore History Channel’s “Harry Houdini” in your next research paper

The History Channel mini series on magician Harry Houdini starring Adrien Brody demonstrates how we just can’t get enough of this master of magic and illusion. But does the TV mini series do justice to Houdini’s legacy? Could there be more behind his great escapes? What was true and what was myth about the man […]

Examining death penalty from Executed in your research paper

The death penalty is a highly controversial subject today. Close to 100 countries have abolished the practice while others still have capital punishment on the books, but have not used execution in years. The practice is frequently debated in the United States—whether it is constitutional, humane, or racist—with even more criticism of late due to […]

Computer science research topic on Sony hacking

Hackers have been, well, wreaking havoc of late. The latest victims appear to be Sony PlayStation network users who found themselves the target of computer hackers over the weekend of August 23 – 24, 2014. While the computer hackers or hacker, who identified themselves with the Twitter handle @LizardSquad, did not attempt to compromise the […]

Use Facebook news as your media or technology research paper topic

Once again there is news about Facebook that has users upset. The social media giant is no stranger to criticism, from concerns about invasion of privacy to changes in the user interface. But the latest Facebook controversy revolves around an app scam—the color change app—and changes to Facebook Messenger.

Research paper topic on Shark Week: More fact or fiction?

Fans may still be tuning in, but that doesn’t mean that many aren’t furious with the Discovery Channel, which has yet again offered up mostly fictitious programming during their now infamous Shark Week. This season’s “catch”? That would be Shark of Darkness: The Wrath of Submarine, which follows on the heels of last year’s Megalodon […]

Use “Mission Blue” for your next marine biology research paper topic

Worried about saving the planet? Well, oceanographer Sylvia Earle would say that we should start by saving the ocean. Earle is at the center of the Mission Blue documentary by Robert Nixon and Fisher Stevens, which opened in early 2014. The film not only captures the damage being done to earth’s oceans, but also showcases […]

Ebola virus outbreak for your health research paper

The latest Ebola virus outbreak has claimed the lives of more than 670 people in West Africa in the countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Two doctors from the United States are the latest to be diagnosed with the severe and generally fatal infection. Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that a man arrived […]