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Research paper topics on autism spectrum disorder

The rates of autism spectrum disorder in U.S. children have risen dramatically in the past several decades. Researchers have not yet been able to determine why so many more children have been diagnosed with one of these developmental disorders. However efforts are increasing to destigmatize autism through awareness, including a new Sesame Street character. Research […]

Research paper topics on the cost of student loan debt

As the total dollar figure climbs, more and more attention is being paid to student loan debt in the U.S. Recent news revealed that from 2004 to 2014, the cost of higher education that college students are shouldering through loans has risen by 56 percent. Many students, and others, are calling for free public college […]

Standardized testing in American education—research paper topics

The news surrounding standardized testing in American education in the last 20 years has been nothing if not controversial. While most can agree that U.S. students need to be evaluated on what they are learning, how that evaluation should be done is more challenging to come to a consensus on. What are the pros and […]

Women in technology gender gap as your research topic

The gender gap in STEM careers is a popular topic of conversation these days. While we know there’s a lack of diversity in science, we still haven’t worked out what to do about it, which leaves the door open to a whole host of research paper topics about the issue of women in technology and […]

Research topic help: Racism on college campuses

Tensions at the University of Missouri have been rising, as student activists have protested the administration’s handling of racial harassment. Members of the football team, as well as faculty, are joining the protest. How big is the issue of racism on campus and what are colleges doing to address the issue are just some of […]

Research paper topics on the future of space exploration

Space exploration began with John F. Kennedy’s urging for America to put a man on the moon in 1961. Thirty-nine years later, the International Space Station went into orbit, and with it, the goal of continuous human habitation in space. The next series of NASA missions may see astronauts going to Mars. The past 54 […]

Discuss better health in your next nutrition research paper

Our daily sugar intake as a nation has come under a lot of scrutiny in recent years. Scientists are finding that not only do we eat too much sugar, but also that cutting back on the sweet stuff can help us achieve better health. The topic of sugar and its effect on our bodies offers […]

Research paper topics to explore on the psychology of religion

The topic of psychology of religion is rich with research paper topics to explore for a religion or psychology class. The focus of the topic centers on the “study and interpretation of recognized faiths using contemporary methods of Western psychology,” according to Questia.com. Particular areas of interest include why people are attracted to religion, the […]

Research topics: Global warming in the Middle East

Research paper topics about the effects of global warming abound. The latest climate change news is focused on heat waves—particularly how super high temperatures will affect the deserts in the Middle East in the years to come. Read on for more information on global warming for your next environmental studies or economics research paper.

U.S.-China relations over cyber espionage: Research paper topics

While talk of a renewed Cold War has reemerged with some of Russia’s latest actions, spy craft has definitely changed from its old school days. Today cyber espionage is a big concern for countries. U.S.-China relations have especially been influenced by the actions of Chinese hackers, who may or may not be working directly for […]