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Iowa caucus and beyond for your research paper

For those who don’t spend their lives glued to C-SPAN, U.S. elections can be a crazy, confusing thing. Even if you do understand how the Iowa caucus and other presidential primaries play a part in getting someone elected president, the 2016 presidential election so far has been wilder than most. There are multiple research paper […]

Oxfam report on income inequality as your research paper topic

The issue of income inequality has been much discussed since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007, but the latest Oxfam report indicates that more of the global economy than ever is in the hands of the wealthiest. With the rich getting richer, the areas to explore in a research paper also increase, as […]

The influence of David Bowie as your research topic

Ziggy Stardust. The Thin White Duke. Major Tom. Aladdin Sane. Jareth the Goblin King. Whichever persona you identify the most with the late David Bowie, the musician not only transformed rock music, but he also was a master of reinvention, continually transforming himself. David Bowie shed personas and displayed a gender fluidity that was groundbreaking, […]

Migration crisis: Discuss how European governments are handling it in your research paper

The migration crisis hit a symbolic milestone in December 2015—according to the International Organization for Migration, European governments have accepted 1 million Syrian refugees and others from the Middle East and Africa. The reasons these displaced people are fleeing—war, persecution and poverty—offer many topics for a research paper, as does how the European governments have […]

Mother Teresa becoming a saint as your research topic

The Catholic Church appears to have Mother Teresa on the fast track to becoming a saint. The nun known around the world for her work with the poor in India died in 1997, and the latest reports indicate that Pope Francis signed a decree that recognizes a miracle linked to her. That would make the […]

PACs vs. public financing for your next research paper

Political action committees, more commonly known as PACs, may date back to 1944, but they have dominated the election news cycle for the past decade. Could political campaigns funded by public financing offset the influence of the few wealthy donors giving through PACs and super PACs? That is just one area to explore in a […]

Research paper topics: How sleep deprivation affects the human body

Think that sleep deprivation and insomnia aren’t a big deal? Extended lack of sleep has major health consequences and many negative impacts on the human body. Although the area of sleep medicine is a newer field, there are a host of research paper topics to explore in terms of why we need sleep and what […]

Research paper topics on autism spectrum disorder

The rates of autism spectrum disorder in U.S. children have risen dramatically in the past several decades. Researchers have not yet been able to determine why so many more children have been diagnosed with one of these developmental disorders. However efforts are increasing to destigmatize autism through awareness, including a new Sesame Street character. Research […]

Research paper topics on the cost of student loan debt

As the total dollar figure climbs, more and more attention is being paid to student loan debt in the U.S. Recent news revealed that from 2004 to 2014, the cost of higher education that college students are shouldering through loans has risen by 56 percent. Many students, and others, are calling for free public college […]

Standardized testing in American education—research paper topics

The news surrounding standardized testing in American education in the last 20 years has been nothing if not controversial. While most can agree that U.S. students need to be evaluated on what they are learning, how that evaluation should be done is more challenging to come to a consensus on. What are the pros and […]