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Research topic: Can Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination?

The 2016 presidential election may still be more than 18 months away, but the interest in who will receive the Democratic nomination and the Republican nomination has been heating up for some time already. The first official announcement of someone running came when Ted Cruz said he was seeking the Republican nomination on March 23, […]

Criminal law research topic: Robert Durst murder charges

The millionaire Robert Durst has long been suspected in the death of his friend Susan Berman, as well as his first wife and a neighbor. The star of the HBO documentary The Jinx, Durst recently was arrested in Louisiana for felony gun and drug possession, and is now awaiting extradition to California for murder charges […]

New research: The health risks of diet soda and artificial sweeteners

Drinking diet soda has always seemed like a healthier alternative to regular, sugary soda, allowing you to skip the sugar, while still enjoying your beverage of choice. But new research has shown that the artificial sweeteners used in diet soda can cause serious health risks, increasing your chance of developing a chronic disease, such as […]

Discuss air pollution in China for your next research paper

175. That’s the number of polluted days Beijing experienced last year, according to journalist Chai Jing, who created the documentary film, Under the Dome. The movie looks at the effects of air pollution in China, its causes and what the lack of clean air is doing to the people. If you’re interested in learning more […]

Criminal law research paper topics—Basic concepts to crimes and punishments

The legal world is full of Latin maxims. When it comes to criminal law, the phrase “Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea” [The act is not criminal unless the intent is criminal] sums up the basic concepts of this area of law. But behind that statement is a host of crimes and punishments […]

How to get started and stay motivated writing a research paper

It has happened to all of us—you have to write a research paper, but the topic, or the class, is something you hate. So how to get started and stay motivated when writing that research paper? There are some tips and tricks that will help you blast through your dreaded task, hopefully with flying colors.

Superbugs and antibiotic resistance for your research paper topic

The recent deaths of two patients at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center in California from a bacterial infection have put drug-resistant superbugs back in the news. Not only is antibiotic resistance a real threat, but the dearth of any new antibiotics on the horizon have many in healthcare more worried than ever about superbugs. What […]

Research topic: New terrorist threat from Al-Shabaab targets shopping malls

The Mall of America in Minnesota, and other large shopping malls across the world, are apparently the latest targets of a terrorist threat from Al-Shabaab. The Somali-based group previously attacked a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The U.S. government, according to Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, is taking the threat seriously and asking malls to […]

Fact vs. fiction—research paper topics on nonfiction authors

Juxtaposing fact vs. fiction or examining why nonfiction books are important for school children to read are both good research paper topics to pursue in a study of nonfiction books. Other good topics include the best or most well-known nonfiction books and why memoirs have become so popular.

Literary themes to consider for research paper topics

In search of research paper topics focused on literary themes? The most recent and major trend revolves around young adult books. Dystopian novels and vampire books have received a lot of attention, but their popularity may be waning. Why were those two literary themes so big in young adult books and what trends are on […]