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Research Paper Topics on the Cassini Spacecraft and Space Exploration

Since its launch in 1997, the Cassini spacecraft has spent 20 years in space exploration of Saturn. The mission scientists from NASA have learned a great deal during the craft’s 22 orbits of the planet and its rings and moons, and all of that information has been beamed back to them. A research paper could […]

Research Paper on the EU—The Future of Europe

Formerly established in 1993, the EU currently includes 28 member states and is home to more than 510 million people. It is the largest economy in the world. The future of the EU has come into question of late with Brexit—the vote in Great Britain to leave the union—and the controversial candidacy of Marine Le […]

Research Paper Topics on the Environmental Movement

April is Earth Month, a time to reflect on how humanity is caring for the welfare and well-being of the planet. The environmental movement has changed a great deal since the first Earth Day in 1970, but in the quest to slow down climate change experts agree much remains to be done to save the […]

The Story of Black Colleges as Research Paper Topics

The documentary Tell Them We Are Rising: The Story of Historically Black Colleges and Universities focuses on the impact these schools have had on the culture, history and identity of African Americans in the United States. Research paper topics spurred on by the film could focus on how these higher education opportunities came to be […]

Constitutional Rights to Internet Privacy Research Paper Topics

The world wide web has become an integral part of our daily lives. Many Americans may not be aware, however, that the right to privacy soon won’t be guaranteed when it comes to our internet searches. The U.S. Congress recently passed legislation that takes away any internet privacy for citizens and allows telecommunications companies to […]

Consequences of HB2 in North Carolina: Economic and Political Science Topics

It’s been one year since the controversial HB2 legislation was passed in North Carolina. Known as the Bathroom Bill, or by its official name—Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act—the bill established a new definition for the state of which classes of people were protected against discrimination, leaving out specific coverage of LGBT individuals or veterans. […]

White Helmets and the Syrian Civil War as Your Research Paper Topic

The Syrian Civil War began during the uprisings of the Arab Spring in 2011. Since that time, it is estimated that the death toll from the armed conflict is at least 400,000. The Oscar win for the Netflix movie, White Helmets, brought a new wave of attention to this fight between ISIS and the Syrian […]

Research Paper Topics on Feminism and the Media

The issue of feminism offers many areas to study in terms of research paper topics. From the history of the movement to its many offshoots, including women’s suffrage and the ERA. A particular area of interest is women in the media—how they are portrayed in ad campaigns and whether these media depictions are meant to […]

How To Choose A Topic For Your Research Paper

For many college students, actually writing a research paper may not be as daunting as trying to choose a topic. If you are struggling with how to narrow down your choices, read on for some how to advice to get you started.

Historiography or Pseudoscience? Research Paper Topics on Event Clusters

According to Questia, “Historiography contributes a meta-analysis to the discipline of history, studying how the history of a topic is interpreted and reconstructed, to form a body of knowledge that is accepted as true.” Sometimes history is thought of as static, but not only do events build on each other, but certain dates, such as […]