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Research topic: How the Philippines’ typhoon affects climate talks

The latest extreme weather news is all about the Philippines’ typhoon, Hagupit. At least 21 people are believed dead and close to 1 million were displaced from their homes as they sought safe shelter. The storm, which had sustained winds of 85 miles per hour when it made landfall, may still cause problems with ongoing […]

Use “Wild” as your research topic in literature

Dealing with death and the accompanying grief is different for everyone. Cheryl Strayed shared her own personal journey after the loss of a loved one in her memoir, Wild. The film adaptation, starring Reese Witherspoon, brings Strayed’s story to the big screen. Does Wild the movie do justice to the book, and what can it […]

Government research topic on Hong Kong protests

The ongoing Hong Kong protests for free elections have brought attention to the conflict between the Chinese government and the pro-democracy movement. Although Hong Kong has been under the rule of mainland China for 17 years now, the student protesters are upset about China’s interference in upcoming elections. What started as peaceful demonstrations in the […]

Research topic on The Calhoun School documentary

Education reform in the American education system is a topic that is constantly evolving, with new ideas for how we can better teach young people arising all the time. The Calhoun School, a progressive private school located in the Upper West Side of New York City, recently broached the idea of education reform as it […]

The Keystone Pipeline — Playing politics for your research paper

The recent defeat of the Keystone Pipeline bill in the Senate means that President Obama won’t be vetoing the bill, yet, if at all. When the new Congress takes office after the first of the year, however, the bill will be reintroduced. Opponents of the bill express worries about the global warming and climate change […]

The Velvet Revolution and Eastern Europe—research paper topics to consider

November 17, 2014, was the 25th anniversary of the successful Velvet Revolution, which brought about the fall of communism in the former Czechoslovakia. The Velvet Revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall in East Germany, which also happened 25 years ago, were part of the efforts put forth by many countries in Eastern Europe […]

Research topic: Marvel Comics and the history of comic books

The history of comic books now spans several generations. As Marvel Comics celebrates its 75th anniversary and unveils a new slate of comic book movies to come in the next five years, the genre is rich with research paper topics. Start from looking at the issues of crime and justice in comics to the way […]

The debate on assisted suicide for your research paper

What would you do if you were given only six months to live? Twenty-nine-year-old Brittany Maynard was faced with that question when she was diagnosed with a devastating form of brain cancer. The former San Francisco resident was told she was terminally ill. She opted to move, with her husband, to Oregon where assisted suicide […]

Research paper topics: Common Core and educational standards

The political controversy swirling around the Common Core curriculum of educational standards shows no sign of abating. While looking into the need and impetus for educational standards makes an excellent idea for a term paper, other research paper topics around the Common Core, from its focus on improving critical thinking skills to whether it has […]

Research topic on “Meet the Mormons” and religious stereotypes

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or the Mormon Church, is not well understood by many outside of its temples. But a new documentary, Meet the Mormons, hopes to challenge many of the preconceived religious stereotypes that surround the religion by looking at six homes where the religion is practiced. Infomercial or documentary […]