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Mental Health Awareness month—Emerging trends in behavioral health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Behavioral health encompasses many areas for adults and children alike, making it a great area to explore for a research paper. While much remains to be done in regards to how we treat mental health problems, there are some emerging trends, such as the Eliza app, that are changing […]

Genetic mutations and inherited diseases research paper topics

Started in 2014, the Resilience Project aims to profile the DNA of thousands of healthy adults to learn more about the ways our bodies protect us from inherited diseases. The hope is that by studying a wide range of people, the researchers can learn more about natural immunity, as well as genetic mutations that help […]

Panama Papers and income inequality as your economics research topic

Details are still trickling out about the leaked documents from Mossack Fonseca. Known as the Panama Papers, the 2.6 terabytes of data reveal a trove of information about tax havens and money laundering perpetrated by some of the world’s wealthiest citizens. Not only does this recent event provide multiple research paper topics in terms of […]

Discuss LGBT rights and marriage equality in your next research paper

The history of LGBT rights and marriage equality in the United States offers many areas to explore in a research paper. The latest comes courtesy of the North Carolina state legislature, which, in a special session, overruled previous anti-discrimination legislation established earlier in the year in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A different take on the war in Afghanistan as your research topic

The latest movie from famed comedian Tina Fey, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, is based on the memoir by Kim Barker, The Taliban Shuffle. While the movie diverges somewhat from the memoir’s original plot, it still focuses on a war correspondent confronting the realities of the War in Afghanistan. Not only does the war itself offer many […]

U.S., Cuba relations as your political science research topic

President Obama and his family have made a historic trip to Cuba. It’s the first visit by a sitting U.S. president since Calvin Coolidge. Despite President Obama’s efforts to improve U.S.-Cuba relations, the American embargo is still in place and the island nation’s record on human rights violations continues to be a significant issue. Both […]

Sleep deprivation and daylight saving time as your health research topic

Having once again just sprung forward an hour thanks to daylight saving time, you may still be adjusting to the time change. But what studies are revealing is that the shifting one hour ahead can cause some serious health problems, as well as adding to Americans’ levels of sleep deprivation. A research paper could examine […]

Topic ideas for art related research papers

Whether you are an art major or filling a requirement, there is a high probability that writing a research paper on art and artists is in your future as a college student. The art world offers a range of ideas that you can gear towards your interests or a specific class, whether that means focusing […]

Vaccines and immunizations as good research paper topics

Recently in the news there has been positive and negative stories about vaccines and immunizations. On the good side, a new study has shown that the HPV virus has been reduced significantly due to the HPV vaccine, which was introduced a decade ago. However in Great Britain, the death of several children due to a […]

Discuss Benghazi in your next political science research paper

After almost four years, the Benghazi controversy still generates headlines. Last fall, Hillary Clinton testified before Congress yet again about the terrorist attack in Libya. More recently, the release of the movie by Michael Bay, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, once again revived interest in what really happened at the U.S. embassy. The […]