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Research paper: Ken Burns’ The Civil War and American history

Twenty five years after its debut, a digitally restored “The Civil War” returns to PBS in September 2015. This award-winning documentary will be shown over five consecutive nights, giving viewers a unique experience of the most pivotal event in American history. Burns used Civil War photos and readings from letters and diaries written by those […]

Social psychology research paper topics and the science of self knowledge

Social psychology is the study that bridges psychology and sociology. Until this day, psychologists still argue whether to classify it as scientific or objective as it examines social exchange involving the application of both experimentation and observation. Social psychology topics include gender roles, stereotypes, self-perception and national identity. You’ll find a wealth of research paper […]

Why proper grammar ranks high among job skills

On September 7, 2015, at a One Direction concert, singer Harry Styles proved that he is more than a rock star. Noticing a poster being held by a sixteen-year-old fan, the singer asked that the poster be brought to him. He then took a marker and corrected the spelling and grammar, autographed the item and […]

Research paper: David Foster Wallace and modern American literature

Research paper topics related to the study of American literature often cover such luminaries as Edgar Allan Poe and Ralph Waldo Emerson. But modern American literature includes names that you might not be familiar with such as Jonathan Franzen and Don DeLillo. These authors of the Internet age use their work to comment on modern […]

Research paper topic: The true cost of the fashion industry

The fashion industry has managed to make stratospheric profits by producing affordable trendy clothes and lots of them. These profits are made possible by thousands of workers who labor in sweatshops for pennies an hour. “Fast fashion” as it is called, is made largely overseas where human rights take a back seat to production and […]

Cover world politics issues for your next research paper

You may not be a big fan of world news or world politics unless your major is international studies or economics. But with the next presidential election looming ahead, this is a good time to get acquainted with the hot issues in political news. Voting for the next leader of the free world is very […]

How to write an essay: Stretch a three paragraph idea into a five page gem

Does the idea of writing an essay fill you with dread? You’re not alone. But learning how to write an essay is easy once you get used to the essay structure. Unlike a research paper where you are using the viewpoint of other researchers, in an essay you’re going to frame your own point of […]

Research paper: The use of symbolism in art

In the continuing search for good research paper topics, consider looking into the use of symbolism in art. Just as in literature, those who express themselves through media such as paint, clay or even architecture often use symbols as a way to further their own artistic expression. Dream symbols and color symbolism are just two […]

Barry Crimmins: Standup comedy and activism for your research paper

While you’ve probably heard of standup comedy legends Bobcat Goldthwait and Patton Oswalt, you may not know about the man they consider a mentor and an inspiration – Barry Crimmins. Now you can learn about the comedian, the man and his cause in the film Call Me Lucky, directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. A fixture in […]

A new look at Sherlock Holmes for your next literature research paper

Without a doubt, Sherlock Holmes is one of the most beloved fictional characters in not only British literature but all of literature. The list of actors who have portrayed the consulting detective includes everyone from Charleton Heston to Benedict Cumberbatch. Now we have a truly unique interpretation of the character in the film Mr. Holmes […]