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The Right to Privacy in the Digital Age as a Research Topic

The anticipated new film adaptation of the Dave Eggers’ novel The Circle opened starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. The movie takes a fresh look at privacy in the digital age where the citizens of corporate culture are not the victims of but rather the perpetrators of a high surveillance norm. Research topics could delve […]

The future of college newspapers: Print or online?

When you want to read about the latest news on campus, where do you turn? Do you go online in search of the news or do you pick up a printed copy on the way to class? Perhaps your college doesn’t have a printed version anymore. With the progressive demise of print journalism, college newspapers, […]

How to master the rewrite of a research paper or term paper

As any professional writer knows, the hardest part of the writing process isn’t the writing itself, it’s the rewriting. Screenwriters, novelists, scientists and historians all go through it; the same goes for college students when it comes to rewriting a research paper or term paper. Writing the first draft should be the easy part. It’s […]

Tactical tricks for becoming a better writer

For some the writing process is cathartic, while for others it’s more like torture. As a college student, having good writing skills is more critical for certain majors than others. However, once college is over, to compete in today’s job market, good writing skills aren’t an elective — they are a MUST. We could all use a lesson […]

Failing college: Top 10 ways to screw up before graduation

Being an epic failure in college is easy. Getting back on your feet is another story. Truth be told, there will always be those who burn out once they get there or who can’t hack the academic pressure to perform. Of course, there are a myriad of ways for us to screw things up — just […]

Research report: New Study released on Common Core Standards and Arts Standards Alignment, but will educators embrace it?

What do math and the arts have in common? Quite a bit, according to a new study just released by the College Board, a partner of the National Core Arts Standards. The study points to evidence demonstrating the two subject areas can strengthen students’ analysis and observation skills within a new framework for national core […]

Writing tips: Unique tricks to overcoming writer’s block

We’ve all been there. That moment when the words stop flowing onto the page and you’re stuck in a literary rut. Whether you’re writing a thesis, novel, or epic book of poetry, often the most effective ways for overcoming writer’s block also happen to be the most unconventional. If you’ve already tried your usual methods […]

Arts Education: Why the new $100,000 NEA grant to develop an educational video game is making waves

With the help of the federal government, the idea that video games are mindless fodder for teenage boys is being challenged. Since the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), a federally-run organization that supports arts education, announced recently that it would be giving $100,000 to develop an educational video game centering on a black female […]