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How to research a history of technology articles and books using Questia

What do the Internet, the iPhone, the printing press, the wheel, and the automobile all have in common? They are pivotal inventions in the history of technology; inventions that catapulted forward the way humanity interacts with itself and surrounding environment.  For millennials, (those between the ages of 18-33), technology has accelerated the use of online […]

How to research Anthropology history books and articles using Questia

Why major in anthropology? The study of human behavior goes back thousands of years to the time of ancient Greek civilization. Greek historian, Herodotus (484 – 425 BC) is considered the “father of history” having written about the Greek victory over the Persians. But if ancient history doesn’t motivate you, try asking Idaho State University anthropology […]

Art history books and articles on Questia for researching art history

Back in March, we featured a post on how to research performing arts topics and we wanted to follow it up with a brief exploration into a few of the most well-received art history books and articles ever written. Art history majors might be intrigued to learn more about the recent contemporary art sale at […]

History of Government Books and Academic Articles on Questia – where to begin your research

Undergraduates studying political science and/or law might want to take advantage of Questia’s archive of government books and articles. Back on March 7, we posted how to conduct quantitative research and in a time when Congress and the President continue to debate the significance of the country’s public debt, we at Questia thought it was high […]

History articles and history books: How to research the history of humankind

Pop quiz time! For all you history buffs, plowing through your history books and articles, let’s delve into a short history of the human race and see where you stack up! How far back does the oldest human (hominid) date from? A)     250,000 years B)     500,000 years C)     1,000,000 years D)     2.3 million years E) […]

Science articles and science books: Free science research using Questia

Science articles and science books fill many of the libraries in our universities and colleges but scoring easy access to them is not always so simple. This is a problem that happened to Varvara Trachana, a biologist with a PhD in biological chemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece. Thanks to Greece’s six […]

So you want to be an architect? Study architecture books and articles on Frank Lloyd Wright, Medieval, Islamic, and Renaissance architectural styles

In celebration of 2013’s National Architecture Week, Questia is promoting a portion of its archive devoted to architecture books and articles for undergraduates pursuing architectural studies. Top architects continue to command major media attention and Toyo Ito, a Japanese architect, is no exception having recently been awarded his profession’s top honor, the Pritzer Architecture Prize. […]

How to research academic journals online that cover many disciplines and sources

We previously posted how students can research communication journals online and wanted to supplement it with a post about researching academic journals online using Questia, the digital library and online research and paper-writing tool. When you research Questia, users will find a wide ranging series of periodicals to aid them in their research and written assignments, […]

How to research communication journals on cross-cultural communications, advocacy and interpersonal communications

Students contemplating communication degrees or who are in the midst of writing papers on cross-cultural communications, business communication, or advocacy and argumentation can take advantage of the thousands of books, communication journals, and articles on Questia, your digital library and online research and paper-writing tool.