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Questia Reading Room: Our picks for summer leisure reading

It’s summertime and you have the itch to read something, but definitely not a textbook. Not sure which book you want to read? Check out our selection of favorites that will keep your attention without making your brain hurt – FREE for the next month!

Questia Reading Room: Honoring Mental Health Month

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental health condition. In 2013, President Obama proclaimed May as National Mental Health Awareness Month and brought the issue of mental health to the forefront of our nation’s thoughts. We believe that these issues are important to address year round, but highlighting these […]

Questia Reading Room: Honoring Earth Day

Celebrated by more than 175 countries, Earth Day is held every April 22nd and promotes appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. To mark the occasion and increase awareness, we’re sharing our favorite books on climate change and pressing environmental topics like recycling, green energy, air pollution, energy conservation and sustainable development. The following books will […]

What economics majors need to do during summer months

School may be out for summer, but the learning continues for economics students looking to sharpen their skills outside of the classroom. From reading articles to drafting a paper for professional review, or entering any of a myriad of economics-related contests, students have no shortage of opportunities to gain new perspectives in their field while […]

How to stay calm during finals week

It’s down to your last week of the semester, but you still have a ton of work ahead of you. Even worse, the majority of your grades depend on your academic performance this week. Stressed yet? We can relate. Despite these obstacles, there are ways to make it through finals week without suffering a meltdown or […]

Nominate Your Professor in the 2014 Questia MVP Scholarship Contest

Take a moment to think about the professors you’ve had during your college career. Is there one that sticks out in your mind as highly influential? One whom you admire and might strive to become? This is your opportunity to show your appreciation! Nominate your professor for one of Questia’s three MVP titles. It’s a […]

Enter The Finals Countdown Blogging Contest for a chance to win $250!

The countdown to finals has begun! In order to help us count down the days until college finals we’re looking for college students to offer their best advice on homework help, research paper advice, tips and best practices for finals preparation. Enter our blogging contest and show us–and your fellow students–what your writing skills are […]

Last call: Apply now for The MVP Scholarship by Questia!

While receiving a college degree will help provide numerous opportunities for your future in the workforce, it can be a costly item that doesn’t come easy. Sure, student loans can help alleviate the pain of college costs…for now. But down the road you’ll be required to pay back those loans, and the odds of you […]

Now accepting applications for The MVP Scholarship by Questia!

The Most Valuable Professors In the summer, we at Questia announced the winner of the second “Questia’s Most Valuable Professors” contest, as part of our ongoing dedication to education. College students from across the country nominated special professors they believed deserved the title of Most Valuable Professor (MVP). For the grand prize, we pledged to establish three $2,500 scholarships […]

Is there a knowledge gap between high school and college?

During the college application process, you probably spent a lot of time thinking about which college you liked best, which one you could afford, and which one had the programs you were interested in. You also probably worried whether your college of choice would accept you, whether your grades were good enough, or whether you […]