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13 Scary Books for You on Friday the 13th

It’s October and it’s also Friday the 13th. The combo of these dates only means one thing… you need a spooky reading list to give you chills. Read these books on Questia.com or on the Questia App for free! Hurry, this book list is free for a limited time! 13 Scary Books:

Questia Research Tutorials to Help You Ace Your Research Paper

Writing a paper can be a daunting topic. That said, you have to pick a spot and get cracking. Luckily, Questia offers research tutorials to help guide you through the steps of writing a research paper. Each tutorial includes:

Seven Annoying Grammar Mistakes

Below are some of the most annoying grammar mistakes. To make them more palatable, they are on beautiful pictures:

Not Sure What to Write Your Research Paper On? Use Our Topic Idea Generator!

If you’re trying to write a paper and you’re not sure what to write about…you’re in luck! Questia has a Topic Idea Generator that pops out different ideas.