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How to avoid plagiarism in college: Resist the temptation!

It’s late and your research paper is due tomorrow. You have about 20 different sources and it would take an entire day just to cite all of them. For just a brief moment, you consider listing only a handful of …

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Going back to school: Top 10 ways to get ahead of the game fall semester

As the lazy days of summer come to a close, many of you find yourselves heading back to school for fall semester — some of you may actually be setting out for college for the first time! This year, whether it’s …

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How to write many types of poetry: Top 5 creative writing tips

Few assignments create the shudder of anxiety that seems to come with writing poetry. What should I write about? Does it have to rhyme? What, exactly, is iambic pentameter? How many different types of poetry are there, exactly? The good …

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Cinco de Mayo history, food and celebrations: Find out more about this popular Mexican holiday

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that has come to be synonymous in America with margaritas, Mexican food and an all around good time. But how much do you actually know about Cinco de Mayo history? For instance, what …

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College majors: Are you on track to one of the highest paying jobs in the US?

One of the toughest college decisions is what to major in — especially since this is a choice that will impact your entire future. Perhaps you haven’t declared a major yet. Or, maybe, you have already declared a major but you …

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