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Research topic: Netflix’s Marvel’s Luke Cage explores timely social issues

The symbolism in Marvel’s Luke Cage, the newest of its Netflix superhero series, is not terribly subtle: “Having Luke Cage wandering around, wearing a hoodie as an act of defiance, reading Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man feels a bit on the nose,” noted Daniel Fienberg in a review for The Hollywood Reporter, “‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’: TV […]

Research paper topics: Twitter and the presidential debate

U.S. presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been squaring off on Twitter since June. But Twitter played an additional role in the recent conversation between the two candidates by livestreaming the presidential debate on September 26, 2016. The debate had over 84 million viewers across the 13 networks carrying it live, according to […]

Research paper topics: How do political conventions work?

It is official. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will serve as the presidential candidates of their respective political parties. The announcements at the Democratic and Republican conventions came as no surprise since the two were the popular candidates in the polls. But prior to the conventions, there was discussion of a possible contested convention or […]

Hamilton as your American history, theater or American theater history research topic

On July 9, several of the Hamilton cast members made their final bow—but two weeks prior, two performances were filmed. What’s happening to that footage? That’s still uncertain, though a PBS Hamilton documentary, Hamilton’s America, is set to broadcast October 21. Consider delving into any of the number of research paper topics presented by Hamilton, […]

Women in film: Backlash and issues with Ghostbusters reboot as your research topic

When news of a Ghostbusters reboot hit the news, fans reacted very strongly. While there was some excitement, many fans loudly decried the decision of Paul Feig to cast an all-female ghostbusting team, led by Melissa McCarthy. The strong reaction from fans has continued to make news as the film debuted this July. Whether or not […]

Black Lives Matter and police shootings as research topic ideas

Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. These are just the two most recent names in a disturbing trend of American police shootings. Racially charged police brutality is not new—the Watts riots of 1965 broke out over an incident of police brutality after an African-American driver was pulled over for drunk driving—but the police shooting videos that have […]

Finding Dory provides bioethics and mental health research paper topics

On its opening weekend (June 17—19), the Disney Pixar film Finding Dory had the biggest release for an animated film in history, beating out the previous record holder Shrek the Third and doubling the take of Finding Nemo, the movie it follows. But aside from being a box office smash that Hollywood needed in 2016 […]