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Research paper topics in transportation

Transportation covers a huge field of interest, so narrowing down a good idea for a research paper topic can be a real challenge. Are you primarily interested in mass transportation, or are you considering looking into theories of transportation planning? Other parts of transportation are aerospace, railroads, subway systems and personal vehicles. While your professor […]

Research topic: Is the new Star Wars story Rogue One a political movie?

Disney chief executive officer Bob Iger made waves when, in response to a budding boycott, he proclaimed that the new Star Wars film, Rogue One, was not a political movie. The movie centers around the efforts of a team of rebels to retrieve the plans for the superweapon, the Death Star, from the evil Galactic […]

Research paper topics: Presidential inauguration

The U.S. presidential election took place in November, so why do we wait until January 20th to inaugurate the new president? If you are looking for interesting research paper topics in American history, consider researching the history of the presidential inauguration, the role the Electoral College plays in the delay between election and inauguration, and […]

Feminism and racism in Disney’s Moana as research topic ideas

The new film from Disney, Moana, has done extremely well in the box office since its release. Though never quite reaching the heights of its princess-style predecessor, Frozen, the film has reaped in critical acclaim from a wide number of reviewers. But while some praise the perceived feminism of a Disney Princess who needs no […]

What 3,000 year old mummies can tell archaeologists as your research topic

Archaeologists can’t exactly call a 3,000 year old mummy “new,” but they can continue to expand their knowledge in the field of Egyptology when mummies or artifacts are discovered. Such was the case in Luxor, Egypt, in late 2016, when the sarcophagus of Amenrenef was uncovered in the Temple of Millions of Years. What secrets […]

New faces in the senate: Women’s studies and American history research paper topics

If you are looking for research paper topics in your women’s studies or American history classes, it’s worth noting that two women made history in their senate races in the 2016 election. Kamala Harris (D) of California became the first South Asian-American to serve in the Senate (as well as the second black woman to […]

Research paper topics: Washington D.C. votes for statehood

In the United States 2016 election, an overwhelming majority of residents of Washington D.C. voted for the District to become the 51st state. But the path to statehood has long been fraught for both Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, another U.S. region that has only non-voting representatives in the U.S. House. What are the arguments […]

Research paper topics: Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti, Florida

On Sunday, October 9, President Obama signed a disaster declaration for the state of Florida, clearing up federal funds to aid in cleanup and recovery efforts for the state. Hurricane Matthew battered the state over the weekend, and people evacuated coastal areas en masse. But though there was certainly damage in Florida, Haiti took the […]