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Maxwell Perkins and Genius biopic as your film or literature research topic

Most likely, few people outside of the publishing industry are immediately familiar with the name Maxwell Perkins, despite the fact that he played a large hand in shaping modern American literature. In the new biopic Genius, based on the biography Max Perkins: Editor of Genius by A. Scott Berg, Colin Firth and Jude Law bring […]

Undocumented immigrants as your political science research topic

Crockett High School valedictorian Mayte Lara Ibarra didn’t expect a tweet about overcoming her own barriers to success to go viral. But by so casually declaring that she was an undocumented immigrant, the internet chatter soon became a roar. How can this viral tweet, and the response it received, be used to look at the […]

Topic ideas for art therapy research papers

If you’re taking courses in the psychology or art departments at your university, and especially if you’re taking classes in both, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter the discipline of art therapy. What is art therapy? It’s a form of psychotherapy that engages the creative mind, but depending on where it’s defined, it can have […]

Research paper topic: Multinational forces fighting Boko Haram

On May 15, 2016, the government of Cameroon announced that multinational forces fighting Boko Haram, an extremist Islamic group that has threatened Nigerian peace for nearly seven years, arrested five leaders of the insurgency. The multinational forces were also able to free a number of captive women and children. While progress is being made against […]

Research paper topics: Captain America Civil War and the United Nations

Marvel’s newest blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, posits the notion that the Avengers need to be held accountable for their actions. The solution? Form a United Nations taskforce to oversee the group, assign them to missions, and answer for the problems they cause. Captain America, who has been burned by international oversight before (Marvel’s World […]

Research paper topics: Life expectancy affected by income inequality and regional location

Using more than a billion Social Security and tax records, Stanford professor of economics Raj Chetty and his team supported a previously discovered correlation: the wealthy live longer than the poor. But they also found another startling factor they can’t yet explain: regional location has an impact on life expectancy as well. While Chetty offered […]

MPAA ratings system and Deadpool as your research topic

It’s something the Deadpool movie jokes about in its own script: a superhero movie with over the top graphic violence, on-screen nudity, and sexual content. There’s been an assumption that superhero movies won’t do well if they’re rated R, because the genre is supposedly a family friendly one. But the appropriately R-rated Deadpool has raked […]

Topic ideas for schools of economics

When politicians and news pundits talk about the economy, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if they actually have the background to understand the types of promises or predictions they make. If you’re a student in economics and need to come up with a term paper based on schools of economics, you could consider […]

Developmental and learning disabilities research paper topics

If you are pursuing an undergraduate degree in medicine, psychology, or education, you are likely to encounter courses centering on developmental and learning disabilities. While you are looking for research paper topics discussing developmental disorders and learning disabilities, consider looking into current news articles for ideas. Autism frequently appears in news articles, especially around World […]

Research paper topics in bioethics: Monarch butterfly extinction and Japanese whaling

Two very different topics in bioethics have been trending in the news lately: the Japanese whaling industry, which during a recent hunt for “research purposes” slaughtered 333 Minke whales, many of them pregnant; and the possible extinction of the Monarch butterfly over the next 20 years. If you are looking for research paper topics for […]