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How much truth in “based on a true story?”: Using the Everest movie as a research paper topic

“That only happens in the movies,” people say, lending to the idea that films aren’t the most credible sources, even those that are based on a true story. But is it possible for a feature film’s primary responsibility to be to present the true facts, to tell a good story, or to do both? In […]

Diverse casts in Hollywood as your research topic

In Dreamworks Home, a young girl named Tip befriends a misfit alien named Oh after Oh’s people, the Boov, have taken over Earth as their new homeland. While the film features a number of familiar tropes, it’s exceptional in that Tip is the first African-American female lead of a 3D animated feature. She’s also the […]

Gender roles and the ideal woman research topics in Disney Cinderella 2015

The most recent of Disney’s animated feature to live action adaptations debuted on March 13 with Disney’s Cinderella 2015. The role of Cinderella, popularized in Charles Perrault’s “Cendrillon” in 1697 but found in folklore across the world, frequently sparks conversation about gender roles. Feminist critique often scorns the ideal woman as viewed through the Cinderella […]

Research topic on gender inequality awareness

It may seem like everyone is always talking about gender inequality and the wage gap—as if these are outdated subjects. Shouldn’t we have solved those issues by now? But the truth is that gender inequality is still rampant, and it is brought to the attention of diplomats and the general public by people like UN […]

Discuss “My Little Pony” in your next marketing research paper

Hasbro has found a way to cash in on the brand equity of many of its popular lines of toys by turning the properties, including My Little Pony, Transformers, G.I. Joe and even Oiuja, into television and film hits. Released in June, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is still performing in the top thirty titles in […]

5 tips to follow if you’re struggling in college

College students often get told that these are the best years of their lives. Chalk that one up to nostalgia! Every semester of college comes with its own unique struggles, whether it’s a social or academic challenge. The first semester of college may be the hardest transition, but there’s always the possibility of realizing that […]

SpaceX Dragon as your aeronautics research topic

Have you heard of SpaceX? Short for Space Exploration Technologies, SpaceX is a leader in the field of commercial space flight. NASA has purchased SpaceX’s Dragon cargo ships to resupply the International Space Station. Recently, the company, headed by Tesla Motors exec Elon Musk, aired a live broadcast of the launch of the Falcon 9 […]

Research topic debate on women in space

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy opened on August 1, and recently, Zoe Saldana spoke to Devin Faraci of Badass Digest about how roles for women in space—meaning roles for women actors in science fiction and fantasy films (SFF)—are better than their counterparts in more realistic films. But while there may be more empowered roles cropping […]

Choosing good research paper topics in criminology

Whether you’re taking a course to fulfill a sociology requirement or you’re truly interested in social justice issues, you need to choose a research paper theme for your course in criminology and crime. Do you want to look at the legal aspects of the topic, or pick something that relates more directly to current news […]

42,000 year old mummified woolly mammoth found

Make way for the woolly mammoth clone! At least, that’s what some are saying in response to the discovery of the 42,000 year old, mummified baby woolly mammoth currently on display at London’s Natural History Museum. The ice age relic was discovered in the Yamal Peninsula and has grabbed worldwide media attention, in part because […]