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Writing a research paper recap: From thesis statements to citations to conclusion

As we have seen in our series on writing a research paper, it’s important to allow yourself enough time to complete your assignment. The entire process begins with choosing your topic and includes research, creating thesis statements, writing, inserting citations, revising, formatting and writing your conclusion. Let’s review the highlights of the research paper writing […]


Writing a research paper pt 2: How to take notes that build on your thesis statements

Writing a research paper takes time and planning. Now you’ve narrowed yourself to a single topic and you can formulate one or more thesis statements. Then you’ll decide on one central statement for your paper. Your research will continue for at least another week as you learn how to take notes and gather your sources […]


Tips for writing a research paper on advertising effectiveness

I’m an instructor at the Rutgers Business School and I teach courses on Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Viral Video Marketing. Let me share some tips for writing a research paper on advertising effectiveness – just to pick one topic out of more than 40 topics related to advertising that you might tackle.


Legal issues: Topic ideas for your research paper

When you study law there are plenty of legal issues to consider when choosing research topic ideas for your term paper. You will want to start with a broad category like civil or criminal law. From there, fine tune it so that you eventually get down to a specific research paper topic like tort reform […]


How to self-edit your college term paper

Being your own editor is often difficult. You know what your paper is supposed to say, and you tend to skim over your own writing without a critical eye. You need to make a clear thesis, include pertinent supporting information, write clearly and cut extraneous material. For a student advantage in writing term papers, here […]


Writing a research paper part 4: Revising, formatting, fine-tuning citations and writing your conclusion

In week four of writing a research paper you’re near the end of the process. However, you still have plenty to do. You’ll want to get feedback from your professor and make revisions to your paper. Double-check your citations to make sure that you avoid plagiarism. Oh, and don’t forget the formatting. You want the […]


Writing a research paper pt 3: How to write an outline, draft the paper and add citations

Now that you’ve chosen a topic and collected notes, it’s time to begin writing a research paper. In this article we’ll cover how to write an outline, create a rough draft of your paper and how to add citations. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in. How to write an outline When […]


You have research paper questions. #AskQuestia — We have the answers!

There are many points of stress in a college student’s life, but writing a solid research paper does not have to be one of them. College professors expect you to know the basics, but they may not have the time to help individual students with the fundamentals of paper writing. Besides, there is always that […]


College advice: A few tricks to starting your research paper

Starting a research paper, like any art form, begins with simple strokes. And much like painting or sculpting, the first steps are often the hardest. The trick to getting past this proverbial road block is to just get your ideas down on paper, even if they are not fully formed. Perfecting and refining your ideas […]


College advice for writing effective arguments

Reinventing Research student blogging contest winner Congratulations, Nadine! Oh, I don’t know what to write about? How shall I start? What do I do when I get stuck? Where shall I stand from my topic? How shall I convince my audience? These are some of the questions that could conquer the writer’s mind and prevent […]