Questia Research Tutorials to Help You Ace Your Research Paper

Writing a paper can be a daunting topic. That said, you have to pick a spot and get cracking. Luckily, Questia offers research tutorials to help guide you through the steps of writing a research paper.

Each tutorial includes:



This will help YOU develop the skills to write an effective research paper without having to search the dark hole of the internet.

Questia’s Tutorials cover the ten steps of writing a paper:

  1. Planning a Paper
  2. Conducting Research
  3. Using the Library
  4. Evaluating Sources
  5. Avoiding Plagiarism
  6. Integrating Sources
  7. Paraphrasing Sources
  8. Summarizing Sources
  9. Quoting Sources
  10. Working with Documentation Syles

Ready to Start Writing? Check it out today!


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