Leadership Traits for Research Paper Topics

Leadership skills and traits make some good research paper topics.

Here are some research paper topics on what makes a good leader, business leaders, leadership traits between men and women, and teaching leadership qualities in the nursing profession.

Effective business leadership traits

Leadership in business is a vast ranging topic for a research paper. Business leadership is very important in the corporate world, yet few people have a knack for getting it right. Not only do you need to lead people effectively and ethically, but also lead the business to be profitable. Micha Kaufman offers “10 Traits Of Great Business Leaders” in Forbes.com September 5, 2014.

Gender differences in leadership

An important topic for a research paper is to discuss the difference in leadership styles of men and women. Both genders show honesty, intelligence, decisiveness, and organization in their leadership. A Pew Research Center survey in “Chapter 2: What Makes a Good Leader, and Does Gender Matter?” January 14, 2015, showed that women more than men say that being compassionate, innovative, and ambitious are desirable traits in an effective leader. Also, workers say women leaders are more organized and honest than men, however, men are more ambitious than women. “How much do these gender differences matter in the public’s assessments about who would make a better leader? Very little, according to the data,” says Pew.  Traits that matter most in a leader are shared equally by men and women.

Teaching nurse leadership

One aspect of leadership you could write about is teaching leadership in the medical field. Leadership skills in the nursing profession are so important that leadership is taught in nursing classes. Healthcare has become so complex that nurses must be efficient leaders when providing quality care. One study found that inviting nurse leaders to lecture during class helped nurses learn to speak up and ask questions, take action when they see a problem, and learn from mistakes. Video tapes of leadership instruction in undergraduate nursing classrooms was also effective. Nurse leaders created ten-minute presentations that were recorded on video and shown in senior-level leadership classes. In the videos, nurse leaders talked about leadership concepts and described the professional behaviors that prospective nurses would require for their jobs.

The value of such leadership videos was evident in follow-up questionnaires from the students who watched the videos. In “Perspectives from the Field: Bringing Nurse Leaders into the Classroom” by Charlotte K. Sortedahl and Hannah Imhoff, in Nursing Education Perspectives, March-April 2016, the survey found that: “The idea that new nurses can be leaders resonated with students, who also understood that leadership and followship are related professional behaviors…Students liked having a variety of perspectives from current nurse leaders and reacted positively to specific advice and personal stories.”

For more information, check out Questia’s library on Leadership.

What other types of leadership are important and would make a good research paper topic?

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