Economic Conditions Research Paper Topics

During the 2016 presidential campaign, topics related to economic conditions were at the forefront. Now that President Trump has taken office, topics such as trade agreements, unemployment, and the minimum wage are being hotly debated.

Get a better sense of economic conditions here. (Credit: NY Times)

Get a better sense of economic conditions here. (Credit: NY Times)

Business and economics topics are always good choices for research papers but in light of current events, they take on new meanings and urgencies.

Economic conditions topics

Just listen to the news for a few minutes and it’s easy to get a sense of the current topics related to economic conditions in the United States.

These topics include:

  • Minimum wage: should it be raised?
  • How reliable is the unemployment rate?
  • Should we undo regulations affecting the major banks?
  • Do regulations stifle job creation?

Not only would these topics offer a wealth of research possibilities, they could also be the cornerstone of a controversial subject term paper or a debate. For more ideas on research paper topics, check out the Economics and Business area in the library at Questia.

Once you subscribe at Questia, you’ll have access to thousands of books, journals, and articles on thousands of subjects. You will also find tutorials and tools to help you research, organize, and write your papers.

An example of the kind of resource you’ll find at Questia is the book, Does Regulation Kill Jobs?, by Cary Coglianese, Adam M. Finkel, and Christopher Carrigan.

In this book, the authors have compiled commentary from leading legal scholars, economists, political scientists, and policy analysts showing that individual regulations can at times induce employment shifts across firms, sectors, and regions–but regulation overall is neither a prime job killer nor a key job creator.

Drawing on their analyses, contributors recommend methods for obtaining better estimates of job impacts when evaluating regulatory costs and benefits. They also assess possible ways of reforming regulatory institutions and processes to take better account of employment effects in policy decision-making.

Economic conditions resources

Other sources of current information on economic conditions in the U.S. include newspapers and magazines like the New York Times.

A listing of articles at the New York Times related to economic conditions includes:

  • Speculation that President Trump will roll back relations with Cuba
  • Analysis of the best states to raise a family
  • Speculation about the possible renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Another good source for economics news and opinion is where you’ll find insightful articles like Alex Geisinger’s January 26, 2017, article, “Trump’s Free Market Myth.”

In the article, Geisinger discussed the conflicting ideologies relating to deregulation and job creation.

“It ends up that regulation does not destroy jobs and is needed to respond to problems that the free market simply can’t. Climate change, for example, has been called the world’s greatest market failure. Virtually everything about climate change makes it ill-suited to a market fix. The powerful, complex forces that affect the Earth’s climate; the simple fact that no one owns the air or water; and any other number of issues will keep the market from providing solutions that most Americans want,” Geisinger stated.

As you can see, economics issues intertwine with topical legal, moral, and ethical issues related to climate, the environment, health care, wages, equal opportunity, and so much more.

Access thousands of resources on economics topics at Questia.

What do you think is the most relevant topic related to economic conditions? Tell us in the comments.

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