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You may not be a big fan of world news or world politics unless your major is international studies or economics. But with the next presidential election looming ahead, this is a good time to get acquainted with the hot issues in political news. Voting for the next leader of the free world is very important.

Which world politics topic interests you the most? (Credit:

Which world politics topic interests you the most? (Credit:

Whoever wins the election will be grappling with global issues such as nuclear proliferation and climate change. You can use this opportunity to prepare yourself for voting in the 2016 election and write a killer research paper at the same time.

World politics resources

One of the best resources for researching and writing your term papers is at Questia. Not only will you find millions of books, articles and newspapers, but Questia has all sorts of tools to help you bookmark, highlight, take notes and save your sources into a project folder. You can even use it from any online source with browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

Use the Library to focus on the topic of Politics and Government and then progress to World Politics. You’ll be rewarded with a list of books including World Politics on Screen: Understanding International Relations through Popular Culture by Mark Sachleben.

Sachleben takes a unique approach to the subject of world politics by looking not at political structures but at how politics are reflected in popular culture. The study of popular culture, specifically in films and television, is closely related to the study of politics, and this book brings to the table a wide variety of films to help illustrate issues and trends in world politics.

“In an era of mass media and globalization, telling a story to many people is vital to establishing a frame of reference. Consider any issue in politics: getting to the story first is extremely important because the subsequent recounting of events or ideas must reference the first cut. Whoever can tell a compelling story first gets to set the agenda,” Sachleben said.

Other Questia topics related to world politics include:

Political news

Other sources of credible information for your research paper include news services such as Reuters, the New York Times, The Independent and The Economist.

Like many news sources, The Economist has an entire section devoted to world politics. It’s here that you’ll find access to articles covering political events all over the world.

A few of today’s headlines included:

  • “Sri Lanka’s parliamentary election: Mahinda misfires”
  • “Accountability in China: A blast in Tianjin sets off an explosion online”
  • The Economist explains: What’s driving American firms overseas”

Other articles of the day addressed political issues in Italy, Israel and Turkey.

Follow the money

When it comes to politics, either local or global, you can learn a lot by examining the flow of money. That’s where the International Monetary Fund (IMF) comes in. The IMF is a group of 188 countries that monitors economic and financial developments around the world, seeking to foster financial stability.

The IMF works in conjunction with the World Bank and is the largest public lender of funds in the world. Founded in 1945, the IMF also oversees the exchange rates of its member nations. An example of the role of the IMF is its involvement in the financial crisis in Greece.

Many political observers criticize the IMF, claiming its activities contribute to government corruption and the erosion of human rights. compiled a list of links to resources related to the IMF on its Frontline site, “The Crash: The IMF, the World Bank & Their Critics.”

Learn more about topics related to politics and government, including world politics, at Questia.

What world politics topic interests you the most? Tell us in the comments.

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