Top 7 ways to use Questia that you didn’t know about

We know you follow the Questia blog (at least I assume so since you are reading this right now), but have you ever really dug into to find out about all the cool features it offers? Just in case you haven’t, we thought we’d share with you some of the most unique features from Questia that make it stand out from the crowd.


Check out the top 7 ways to use Questia that you may have had no idea about…until now.

1. Questia Writing Center

You might be thinking “Oh, my college campus already has one of these.” But is it open 24/7? If not, ours is and you don’t even need an appointment! The Questia Writing Center offers you time saving tools, step-by-step writing and tips and guidance that will help you get started on your research paper and keep you on track.

2. Topic idea generator

In need of a topic for your next research paper? Visit our Topic finder page where you can enter your keywords and see what results come up for you. If you happen to be like many college students who have no idea where to begin when deciding on a topic, you can also check out our handy Topic idea generator, choose from the dropdown menu that says “All subjects” and click “SPIN.” Side note: you might have too much fun with this!

3. Tutorials WITH quizzes

Questia has a collection of ten interactive tutorials – and each come with their own videos, example lessons and quizzes that will help you develop the skills to write better research papers. These interactive tutorials are built by instructors so you know you’re getting help from a credible source.

4. Mobile app

You know how it seems like there’s an app for almost anything nowadays? Well, it’s basically true. Even Questia has jumped on the app train. You can use Questia anytime, anywhere as long as you have an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device. Through this you can still highlight or bookmark the credible, full-text resources you find in Questia’s library and come back to later. I should also mention that the app is free to download.

5. Research tool extension

The latest feature to come from the Questia vault belongs to the Research Tool Extension. From here Questia users can use their Questia project folders as well as citation and note-taking tools on digital sources outside of Questia to save time and easily keep their research well organized. No need to flip back and forth among different applications when writing your next research paper now!

6. Read free books online

Let’s say you’re tired of reading textbook after textbook for class, but you still want to read something for leisure. Questia can help you there. Visit our Read free books online page where you’ll be able to choose from over 5,000 books that you can read online absolutely free. To make your search a bit easier to find the book you’re looking for, use the Search bar to help you find specific books by author or title.

7. CliffsNotes access

There’s always a book that you struggle to read or comprehend unless you happened to be a genius – if that’s the case, lucky! For those who need some extra help understanding parts of a book, CliffsNotes is heaven sent. At Questia, you can find hundreds of full-text CliffsNotes or major literary books and authors as well as the original and related books.

Which of these 7 features do you like the most and why? Are there any other cool features from Questia that we did not mention? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Prof.Uwakwe O. Igbokwe says:

    Thank you for the assistance you are offering to researchers. One can make use of your research tools topic generators and so on.

    • Nicole Reinard says:

      You’re very welcome, Professor Igbokwe! I personally find the topic generator extremely helpful – and fun at the same time.


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