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What does technology mean? The Oxford dictionary defines technology as “application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.” The advancement of technology has changed every major career path that you are likely to pursue. Whether it’s the use of computers in creating music, genetic engineering in creating new crops or artificial intelligence in computer science and medicine, you’ll find the application of technology.

Learn more about technology for your research paper. (Credit: Forbes.com)

Learn more about technology for your research paper. (Credit: Forbes.com)

Because of its influence on future developments you might want to consider looking at technological innovation in your field of study for your next research paper.

Researching technological innovation

A good place to start your research in technology is at Questia where you can browse the library and find topics related to science and technology such as:

Questia also has several tools and browser extensions to help you research and write your term papers. Paid subscribers to Questia can save research, take notes, create citations and bibliographic references from any online source into their Questia project folders. You’ll be able to keep all your research in one handy place.

If you haven’t checked out Questia lately, be sure to take a tour to learn about all the great features and resources that will make your life so much easier and your research papers a cut above your peers.

Technology in the news

Because technology is always changing, good sources for your research paper include current news outlets such as newspapers and magazines. Most, if not all, major newspapers have a technology beat. For example, NYTimes.com’s Technology blog listed articles on its site in the past month relating to subjects such as:

  • Helping low-income Americans access the Internet
  • The future of Twitter
  • Finding the technology/life balance

Wired.com presents articles on tech topics that range from government to commerce. In a July 14, 2015, article, “It’s Alive! New Horizons Has Survived Its Date With Pluto,” Nick Stockton reported on the latest revelations from the New Horizons spacecraft that has taken 10 years to arrive at Pluto.

In describing the first data to be sent from the spacecraft Stockton said, “Perhaps most coveted will be the glamour shots: three huge pictures from the panchromatic (read: greyscale) LORRI imager. Each pixel will represent a quarter mile—close enough to make out the lakes in Central Park, if the image was of New York.”

Technology at PBS

Another good source for information on technology is at PBS.org where you can watch videos such as:

  • Uranium – Twisting the Dragon’s Tail: learn how this most controversial element has revolutionized everything from medicine to warfare.
  • An interview with author Kentaro Toyama: The W.K. Kellogg Associate Professor at University of Michigan’s School of Information and co-founder of Microsoft Research India discusses the shortcomings of technology.
  • Presentations from the Aspen Ideas Festival: including “I am or AI am?” by Professor Edward Frenkel who discussed the issues surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) from the perspective of a mathematician and a human.

Another media outlet that has a technology arm is the network CNN. In a July 15, 2015, article for CNN.com, “Cybathlon: Bionic championship aims to make disability sport more accessible,” Laura Lambert described technological innovations to be presented at an October 2016 athletic event for those with physical disabilities.

“The inaugural Cybathlon will be held in Zurich in October 2016, and will showcase the newest technologies on offer,” Lambert said. “Rather than the 100 meters sprint, teams will be timed completing complex daily tasks such as navigating a cobblestone path in a powered wheelchair, or carrying bags of shopping with a powered arm prosthetic.”

Learn more about science and technology at Questia where you can explore hundreds of topics related to technological innovation.

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