Business research paper topics: Business leadership theories

If you’re a business major looking for interesting research paper topics, you might want to consider looking at management styles or leadership theories. A good topic could be, “What is the difference between leadership and management?” We have seen how bold business leaders have helped to move society into new vistas of productivity and innovation.

Learn more about successful, well-known business leaders. (Credit: Linkis)

Learn more about successful, well-known business leaders. (Credit: Linkis)

Here are some ideas and resources to help you take a look at the lives and management styles of the men and women who have shaped the business world and much of our daily life.

Leadership theories examined

As always, a good place to start your research is at Questia, because you will find millions of full-text books, articles, journals, magazines and newspapers along with research tools to help you finish your term paper in record time.

The Questia library makes it easy for you to browse by topic. Start your search by looking at “economics and business.” From there you can explore sub-categories that include:

The topic “business people” will lead to sources on the life and work of such business leaders as:

  • Andrew Carnegie
  • Henry Ford
  • John D. Rockefeller

For a more in-depth look at leadership theories you can use the Questia search tool to conduct a keyword search. You will find resources like the book, The Mind of the CEO, by Jeffrey E. Garten.

Garten examined the role that our most important business leaders play in society. He explored how the CEOs of major corporations define their jobs and how they should define them. Information for the book was gathered from interviews with forty chief executives around the world including GE’s Jack Welch, AOL’s Steven Case and Newscorp’s Rupert Murdoch.

“In the real world, CEOs — particularly the kind interviewed for this book — are required to play roles beyond the narrow scope of their businesses, if for no other reason than that their companies affect the lives of so many people and communities around the world. But how far does this role extend? How far should it extend?” Garten asked. 

Business leadership term paper

How would you define business leadership? That question was examined in a January 23, 2015, article for, “30 Ways to Define Leadership.” Author Brittney Helmrich asked 30 business owners for their view on the topic.

When writing your term paper on business leadership, you might want to find a way to tie in how the business people in your paper have accomplished these characteristics of leadership. 

Finding business leaders

Who are the most influential business leaders today? Jennifer Reingold compiled a list of “The 5 best business leaders of 2014” in a December 17, 2014, article for The list came from Professor Sydney Finkelstein at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.

Finkelstein’s list included:

  • Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts
  • John Martin, CEO of Gilead Sciences
  • Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba
  • Kevin Plank, CEO of Under Armour
  • Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and CEO of SpaceX

Reingold described how the professor arrived at his top five picks. “Finkelstein starts with the numbers, screening for a variety of financial metrics, including the executives’ company stock price and market share. Then he looks at the way the sausage was made. How was a change communicated or a crisis averted?”

You can learn more about business and business leadership at Questia.

Do you have a favorite business leader? Who is it and what have they done to inspire you? Tell us in the comments.

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