What’s new with Questia? The all-new Research Tool Extension

As a Questia user, the Research Tool Extension is going to become your new favorite perk of Questia. And if you’re not yet a Questia user, it’s a great reason to become a subscriber.

Check out Questia's all-new Research Tool Extension.

Check out Questia’s all-new Research Tool Extension.

So what exactly makes the all-new Research Tool Extension so fantastic? Let’s explain.

Perks and features of the Research Tool Extension

With this new feature, Questia users can now use their Questia project folders as well as their citation and note-taking tools on digital sources outside of Questia to save time and easily keep their research well organized. Students can capture information either through any book or article source from Questia’s library of over 83,000 academic books and 10 million articles or with any digital source outside of Questia’s library. This way students will no longer need to flip back and forth among different applications.

Here are some key features the Research Tool Extension provides:

  • Cite an entire page of an online book, or a specific passage from an article, and save them in the style of your choice – MLA, APA, or Chicago
  • Quickly take notes on any book or article, and save them to your project folders on Questia
  • Automatically generate your bibliography using references from the Questia Library and external sources
  • Bookmark online sources for fast retrieval

Where can I find the Research Tool Extension?

The Questia Research Tool Extension can be found at the Chrome web store under Questia Research Tools.

Start taking advantage of this great addition to Questia NOW and see just how much time you save and how much more organized you become with the all-new Questia Research Tool Extension.

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    • Nicole Reinard says:

      Hi Mohammed,

      By visiting Questia you will find all the resources you need to prepare a research paper. Start with the Questia Writing Center by clicking here and it will provide you with our 9 steps to writing a research paper. Best of luck to you!


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