Get help with Questia Topic Generator for your research paper

When your professor announces that you have an upcoming research paper to prepare, you pray they also have a specific topic they’d like each student to cover. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have a professor like that.

Questia helps you narrow down a topic with the topic generator.

Questia helps you narrow down a topic with the topic generator.

If the thought of coming up with an effective research paper topic makes your forehead sweaty and your palms clammy, we really think you will like how the Questia Topic Generator can help you.

Defining your topic

This is considered one of the most important parts of a research paper, which is why many college students find it to be the most difficult. Your topic is the subject of your research paper and what you plan to write about. Topic ideas can be found through reference books, encyclopedias, the internet, newspapers, magazines, television, or talking to friends or peers. For more help in deciding whether your topic is a good idea, check out Step 2 – Select a topic at Questia.

How to use the topic generator

Let’s say you have no idea where to start – sounds familiar, right? Visit the Topic idea generator page at Questia where you can “spin the wheel” to gather possible ideas.

1. Start by clicking on the dropdown menu on the left side where it says ‘All subjects’ and choose your specific subject.

2. From there go ahead and click “SPIN.” You will see three topics appear in each window. If you happen to seem interested in one or two of the topics that appeared, you can lock them in place (simply click on the lock in the top right corner). Click on “SPIN” again to change the unlocked topic ideas.

3. Whenever you find a topic you feel interested in exploring, click on “Explore” just below the window of the topic you want to research. You will be taken to a list of selected full-text books and articles that you can utilize in your research paper.

Tips to finding a topic

The Questia Topic Generator page also offers a few questions to answer that will help you narrow down your topic idea:

1. Am I interested in this topic?

2. Is the topic broad enough and yet narrow enough?

3. Do I have anything to say about this topic?

Other resources

If you’re more of a visual person, the Topic Generator page at Questia also provides two video tutorials that help you define what your topic should cover. There are even learning activities to go along with each video if you need further instruction in making your topic perfect!

Anything else we may have missed with the topic generator process? Let us know what you think in comments.

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