Make research easier with the new Questia Android app

Constantly being on the go is a feeling plenty of college students can relate to, and Questia understands that. So we asked ourselves, what can we do to make your college life a little bit easier, maybe a little less stressful?

Take your term paper research to the next level wherever you are with Questia’s all-new Android app – built for either your tablet or mobile device. Because, College is hard… Writing research papers doesn’t have to be!

Perks of the Questia Android app

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as though it’s not uncommon for college students to have their phones or tablets by their sides at all times, amiright? With this being the case, Questia wanted to provide Android users with an experience that will make writing research papers easier than before.

Students can now use that ten minutes spent sitting on the bus highlighting or bookmarking credible, full-text resources from Questia’s library, which they can easily go back to once hunkered down to write their research paper. Believe me, ten minutes here and there will go a long way! Here are a few other features that will help you write better research papers faster:

  • Plentiful access to library: Questia library contains over 83,000 books and 10 million articles. With the easy to use search engine, you can simply type in keywords related to your topic of choice and browse through the results to find the information you’re seeking.
  • Save projects: When you come across a statement while scrolling through one of Questia’s resources, no need to worry about losing your spot. You can save your resource to the Saved Projects section for easy access when you come back to it later. You can also highlight specific parts of text within the resource and save in this section.

The all-new Questia Android app is here to help you write better research papers faster. The free app is now available for download to your device so what are you waiting for?

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