Go geeky with a computer systems research paper

You don’t have to be a geek to write a research paper on the subject of technology. Whether it’s the latest in computer systems, the Internet or the web, you can easily find good resources that are easy to understand and use in your papers.

Learn more about technology by writing a research paper on computer systems. (Credit: Damian Dovarganes, AP)

Learn more about technology by writing a research paper on computer systems. (Credit: Damian Dovarganes, AP)

The big challenge in researching these subjects is that things are changing so fast you have to make sure that your information is up to date. Let’s look at some resources and ideas on how you can research technology, computers and the Internet.

Keyword research

A good place to start your research is at Questia where you’ll find millions of full-text books, articles, journals and encyclopedias. Your subscription also includes access to research tutorials that will help you plan, research, write and cite your paper. The on-board tools also help you bookmark and take notes as well as to keep your research in a folder for easy access.

You can browse your subject in the Questia library or use keywords to search. Start within the category of science and technology then move to computers and Internet.

If you want to go straight to a keyword search, a few keywords that will get you started on this paper include:

  • Internet advertising
  • Hackers and hacking
  • Digital imaging
  • Databases
  • Computer crimes

One subject that might be of interest to you is the issue of Internet privacy. Lately in the news we’ve heard a lot about how government agencies are using Internet technology to spy on citizens. Use “Internet privacy” in a keyword search on Questia and you’ll find all sorts of books and articles.

This subject was addressed in the article, “Wiretapping the Internet: The Expansion of the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act to Extend Government Surveillance” by Christa M. Hibbard for the March 2012 issue of the Federal Communications Law Journal.

“The possibility that building an access point for the FBI to wiretap communications might also be a weakness for hackers to exploit is a potential national security problem. (91)Landau argues that this technology ‘presents a fat target for foreign intelligence agencies,’ giving them the capability of broad access to American Internet communications without needing to build any access points of their own,” Hibbard said.

It’s rock-solid sources like this one that can make your research paper a success. Be sure to check out the tour if you haven’t tried Questia before.

Computer coding resources

If coding is your interest then check out these resources where you can learn more.

  • Khan Academy: This site has information and tutorials on hundreds of subjects. You’ll love the section on computer programming, which includes tutorials on programming, drawing & animation and games.
  • Code Academy: Sign up and you can learn how to code interactively for free.
  • Plural Sight: Don’t be shy about attending courses at a site that was created to teach kids. Sometimes that’s what you need when you’re new to a subject. Plural Sight offers a course in building apps with App Inventor, Basic HTML and more.
  • OpenClassroom at Stanford: If you’re ready to leap ahead with programming try out the free courses offered by Stanford University. Courses include: Introduction to Databases, and Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
  • Amplify MOOC: This massive open online classroom (MOOC) blends online learning with in-person support. According to the site, “Our fast-paced course is equivalent to an introductory college programming class. Students will learn the basics of Java, a popular object-oriented language. This is a fun, interactive and challenging course, available to any student at no cost.”

Latest news on computers and the Internet

Because computer technology changes so fast you’ll need to find resources that keep up with the latest news and developments. Here are a few sites to consider.

  • InternetSociety.org: Staff, members and chapters of the Internet Society take on many of the most important and challenging issues facing the Internet on a global, regional and local level. Issues include: access, net neutrality, spam, human rights and online identity.
  • CNET: This site is known for its reviews of new technology and news reports. You’ll also find lots of “How-to” articles and a section where you can download useful software and apps.
  • NBC News: Go to the Tech section to find the latest news on computers and the Internet.
  • NY Times Bits blog: You’ll find news stories on tech companies, public policy related to technology and more.
  • The Guardian tech blog: Get the view of technology from across the pond with The Guardian’s tech blog.

Learn more about computers and the Internet on Questia.

What’s your favorite computer topic? Tell us in the comments.

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