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One of the most recent successful businessmen includes Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. (Credit: Silverisdead)

One of the most recent successful businessmen includes Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. (Credit: Silverisdead)

Business majors have their choice from any number of possible research paper topics. Consider the many industries such as healthcare, manufacturing or financial services. Maybe you’re interested in starting your own business someday. If entrepreneurship is in your future, then you may want to explore what it takes to accomplish a successful startup. You could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Here are a few tips and ideas to get you started on your next research paper.

Start researching business at Questia

A good place to start your research is on Questia, the Internet’s largest online library. Not only will you find millions of full-text books and articles; you’ll also love the research tools that help you to bookmark, take notes, and cite your sources correctly. Once you’re there you may never go to another site for your research.

What business topics interest you? Here are a few to think about:

  • Internet commerce
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business ethics
  • Six sigma management

For example, a search on business will lead you a list of several industries. Perhaps you want to write a paper about healthcare reform. That would be a good topic because it’s a major news story now. Among the books and articles is, “Why Can’t America Deliver on Reform?” by James R. Krause and Martha White Paas from Medical Economics, March 1, 2012.

According to the authors, “The public must be made to see why the current system cannot continue and why the only way the United States could afford to continue to provide individual control of care would be for those demanding it to take personal responsibility for sharing the costs for futile procedures or over-treatment.”

Do you stress over creating a bibliography for your paper? You’ll love how Questia takes your sources and automatically generates a bibliography in any format.

Best business blogs

Other good sources of information for your research papers are blogs. This is where you’ll find current news, information and opinion on business topics that are trending now.

Some of the most popular business blogs include:

If you want to find more blogs that will fuel your business knowledge then check out Alyson Shontell’s June 30, 2012 post for, “24 Must-Read Blogs For Entrepreneurs.”

Shontell’s picks include:

  • How to Change the World
  • Copyblogger

Each of her recommendations comes with a brief description of the blog. Her recommendation of Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist blog said, “As a three-time entrepreneur, Trunk has a lot of experience to share. She deftly mixes her small business advice with personal anecdotes (sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking) to make for a blog that you’ll look forward to reading. And, her insights are priceless.”

Professional associations

Students should always consider joining the professional organization that matches their future career choice. Membership fees are lower for students, and local chapter meetings can be a great way to make connections. Jennifer Castaldo listed the “Top Professional Associations for Business Students” in a December 17, 2010 post for Rasmussen College.

“There is a professional association for almost any career and membership is typically welcome at all points in your college experiencefrom freshman to senior year, or beyond,” Castaldo said.

The list of professional associations included:

  • American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA)
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • International Social Media Association (ISMA)
  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Each listing provided a helpful link to the association’s website.

Government sites for business information

The government is a treasure trove of information about business. You can find information about starting a business, taxes, financing for a new business and much more.

A few government sites that you’ll want to visit include:

  • Small Business Administration []
  • Service Core of Retired Executives []
  • U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration []

Be sure to polish your research paper to perfection because writing skills are going to be invaluable to your career success. In a January 23, 2014 article for, “Want To Be A Business Leader? Brush Up On Your Writing Skills First,” Matt Symonds interviewed Paul Danos, Dean of the Tuck School of Business on the subject of writing skills.

“I find in my business dealings that people really stand out if they are articulate, if they can actually write sentences and get them presented properly,” Danos said.

Read more about business and industries on Questia.

What business subject are you researching now? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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