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You know that one of the very best ways to improve your writing is to keep on writing! Did  you know it can also help you improve your productivity and organization? Check out this guest post from blogger, Greg Narayan.

About the Author: Greg resides in New York and answers blogging questions each day. Sick of the fluff online, he created the Dear Blogger Community, and can help you decide where to blog. Get more from Greg on Google+.

Blogging has become something everyone wants a part of. After all, we are in a Golden Age of Publishing where seemingly anyone can start a blog or Twitter and quickly reach stardom.

But what college and graduate students don’t realize is that serious blogging improves many other aspects of academic life. Things like productivity and organization, two categories students crave more of, are known to spike in the lives of those who blog regularly.

In the words below, let me explain why.

1) Organize thoughts

Feel like your mind at the end of the day is like an internet browsers with 150 tabs open? Many of us learn a lot each day and return home exhausted. Instead of just vegging on the couch and consuming more media, open up your blog and write down your thoughts. Creating categories and labels is easy in blogging. You can have a page for each new lesson learned. Before you know it, you’ll be compounding those lessons instead of letting them slide out of your brain.

2) Create deadlines

When you create a blog you’ll want to post regularly. Setting deadlines, like “post every Wednesday at 6pm” helps you get better at staying on top of a schedule, and helps your readers know when to come read your work. Ya know how busy people are the best at getting stuff done? Adding a blogging deadline to your agenda can help you get busy, and get more done.

3) Document progress in life

We love blogging about our lives. Trips completed, degrees earned, jobs attained, lessons learned. You don’t want your blog to gather dust, so fill it with a few awesome recent achievements, then go out there and do more! You can blog about it later.

4) Collaborative opportunities

Blogging is a lot about niches – small groups of bloggers with similar interests. When you blog for a few weeks you’ll start to find others like you in your niche, and you can reach out to them for blogging gigs and even real life opportunities. Fill your schedule with the many entrepreneurial endeavors you discover.

5) Social encouragement

Social media has a firm grasp on blogging. Or, the other way around. Either way, there’s nothing better to boost your motivation and productivity than seeing a wave of social interaction following your work. Awesome pictures, insightful articles, artistic poetry, recipes, videos, all of it will build your social following on a blog.

6) Earning Power

Money makes the world go ’round. Thankfully, if you spend a bit of time on your blog it might start making money. As the dollars add up, you’ll be more motivated to create amazing content on your blog, a lot of which probably reflects that goals you complete in real life (think travel blogs, cooking blogs, or photography blogs). And, an extra source of income doesn’t hurt anyone.

7) Better use of your technology

Having a blog forces you to stay on top of your tech game. You’ll want to organize your social media profiles to create a succinct voice, and will probably spend a weekend or two organizing all those folders on your desktop to something err, a normal person could navigate. And, you’ll understand things like File Transfer Protocal, WordPress, and basic code like HTML and CSS once you start blogging. These initial lessons will inspire you to infuse your normal job with more tech-savvy activities.

8) Networking prowess

A blog is a cool place to show off. Do so wisely, tactfully, and you’ll see others come by and admire how strong your network is. Organize your blog so folks can find info on the places you’ve been published, like guest posts, and make yourself look really productive on there. Pretty soon your blog becomes a living resume, and you won’t even need to update that silly Word doc any more.

9) Framing your days

You might feel your day is empty. Mornings roll by slowly, and evenings are a wasted space. On your blog, try answering all feedback and sending thank you emails in the morning, then writing new content in the evening. Having a basic structure like this makes you feel way more productive come sun down.

10) Better writing skills

Inevitably, you’ll improve your writing. Even if you are totally tech-minded and hate organizing words, maintaining a blog will force you to develop some coherent communication skills. You’ll learn how to write persuasively and how to write confidently. These skills will be crucial once you enter a managerial or executive role at the job. Without them, you may get embarrassed by others who can really write.

So, while blogging boosts your life in probably hundreds of ways, here are just 10 of them. I recommend you get started, and post a question over at Dear Blogger where we cover it all.

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