Most Valuable Professor scholarship coming soon: Julia Corine Barnes Scholarship by Questia

In April of this year, we at Questia excitedly introduced our first ever national scholarship competition, “Questia’s Most Valuable Professor.” College students from all around the country nominated their favorite professor by telling us why this person deserved to be named Most Valuable Professor. For the grand prize, Questia, the premier online research and paper-writing tool for students, agreed to establish three $2,500 scholarships in the winning professor’s name, and the reigning professor got to be part of the integral team determining the scholarship criteria and ultimately selecting the scholarship recipients. For those of you on the hunt for scholarships, stay tuned! Scholarship entries will be accepted starting in December.

After all the nominations were collected from students, Questia’s reviewing panel then narrowed them down to our 10 finalists. Then, it was up to our fans to vote on the top 10! This was no easy choice, as we had a group of passionate and hard-working professors. In a survey, Questia asked students who they turn to first for trustworthy academic advice, and more than half said it was a professor. When asked who their college mentor is, the majority also said it was a professor. Professors are a go-to source for more than just homework questions—they are advisors, mentors and MVPs!

“Valuable professors not only educate students on their subject of expertise, but provide students with tools and lessons they can apply to real life situations,” says Joe Miller, Chief Researcher at Questia. “We probably don’t thank them enough. Nominating a special professor is a wonderful opportunity for students to elevate an unsung hero to MVP.”

When all the votes were in and tallied, our winner was clear! Congratulations again to Berry College’s Julia Corine Barnes for winning the first ever Most Valuable Professor Competition by Questia! In addition to receiving the title of Most Valuable Professor, we have created the Julia Corine Barnes Scholarship by Questia in which three students will each be awarded $2,500. We at Questia know that the best way to honor an educator is to give back to education.

Berry College student Marlon Blugh submitted the winning nomination:

“Through my first two years in college, I have struggled to find my place. An unfamiliar atmosphere coupled with career uncertainties troubled me, but Sra. Barnes was always there to offer me guidance. Her kindness and compassion were incomparable and her optimism gave me life. Sra. Barnes’ willingness to go the extra mile is why she is my new academic advisor and why she deserves the MVP award.”

A native Georgian, Barnes is finishing her second year as an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Berry College. Her research interests are in the contemporary Spanish novel (particularly by women) and women studies. “I’m very honored that Marlon thought so highly as to nominate me for MVP,” says Barnes. “I’m so pleased to have won.”

Thanks to all of Julia’s hard work and dedication to learning, students now have the Julia Corine Barnes Scholarship by Questia to look forward to! Coming soon in December, students will have the opportunity to apply to win one of three $2,500 scholarships. The three lucky scholarship winners will be selected by Julia herself. Stay tuned until December, when the scholarship criteria and application form will be made available. Congratulations again to Most Valuable Professor, Julia Corine Barnes, and a big thank you to instructors everywhere!

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