Questia supercharges term papers — Find research topics and sources in record time

When course assignments and deadlines take over, you’re going to need all the help you can muster to stay on top of things. Luckily, the new and improved service in town, Questia, is geared to help you complete your research projects and term papers in record time. Revamped and supercharged with tools and resources, Questia will not only help you to learn how to research, it will become your secret weapon in finding research topics for your projects.

Librarian selected, professor approved

What makes Questia so great for students? First of all, the sources have all been approved by librarians and professors. No more worrying about having your sources questioned. Plus, thousands of the available books have been written by professors so you know that their content is based on years of experience and research — just the kind of sources that your instructors love to see on a term paper.

As for subjects, check out our research topics page to find books and articles on all kinds of topics including:

  • History
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Political science
  • Anthropology
  • English and literature

Need research tools? No problem. Questia tools help you to streamline your research process with tools such as:

  • Highlights: use different colors to select and save text of interest.
  • Notes: write notes to yourself directly to book pages or articles.
  • Bookmarks: want to go back for that great quote? Find it fast with a bookmark.
  • Bibliographies: no more sweating over proper format. Questia will automatically generate your bibliography in MLA, APA or Chicago format.
  • Citations: you’ll be able to cite passages, pages or entire articles instantly.
  • Project folders: if you’re working on several projects at once, you’ll love the ability to organize your notes, highlights, bookmarks, and reference information into custom project folders.

Become a research superstar

Many students find the research process to be tedious and time consuming. In other words — boring. It doesn’t have to be that way. Questia’s research tools will help you do accomplish more and enjoy the process, too.

When it comes to research, you need to have a plan. You’ll begin by finding your focus. What are you going to research and write about? Finding your research topic is a breeze with Questia because its library of topics will help you to flow from general subjects to specific topics. Then, all you have to do is to follow the many resource links to zero in on the exact books and articles that you’ll use for your project.

Help when using other sources

Even if you decide to use sources outside of Questia’s vast library, you’ll still benefit because Questia’s research tutorials teach you how to evaluate sources to make sure that they are the kind of credible sources that your instructor will accept. Not only does Questia help you to find and evaluate credible sources, it also gives you examples of how to distinguish between those sources that are popular and those that are scholarly (based on research). It also teaches you to identify when an author’s approach is opinion and whether it is too biased to be of use to you.

Do you like to use Wikipedia despite the fact that the very thought makes your instructors cringe? No problem. Questia will show you how and when to use Wikipedia and other encyclopedias in your research process.

Your secret weapon

The new Questia will quickly become your best friend, a valued tool and secret weapon in achieving your academic goals. You’ll amaze your instructors and yourself at the quality of your research projects and the ease with which you completed them. Get a head start on success and go check out Questia now!

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