Questia conquers writer’s block for term paper topics

Questia.comWriters block is never fun when you’re looking for term paper topics to write about. You stare at the screen and feel like your brain has simply stopped. No inspiration is coming out, and you haven’t got any writing ideas. Or, maybe you do have story ideas in mind but don’t feel confident enough to tackle them. To the rescue is Questia topic pages and our Q&A blog to help you find interesting humanities and social sciences term paper topics.

Questia offers students and academics access to the world’s largest online library with entries for 44 million journals, magazine articles and newspaper stories, and 77,000 books. Even 5,000 rare and classic books are available for free to everyone online. Questia’s topic pages offer many academic subjects from which to research, while blog entries offer advice, tips, and how-to articles about selecting topics and writing research papers that get noticed by professors.

Finding a topic

Finding a topic on Questia in your academic field is so easy. On, select “Browse Our Library” to reveal a list of topics that encompass a variety of subjects — Architecture, the Arts, Business, Communications, Education, Government, History, Law, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Science, and Sociology.

Each topic category subdivides into even more suggestions to choose from. For example, the psychology topic breaks down into specific areas of study, such as abnormal psychology, cognitive psychology, child psychology, mental health, and counseling and therapy. There is also general information about the subject, such as this history of psychology and the ethics of psychology.

Questia Q&A blog

A great place to visit when deciding on a research topic is right here at the Questia Q&A blog page, which, in case you weren’t aware, offers a vast array of topics and resources for you to browse:

  • The “Education News” section offers articles on universities and colleges, professors and teachers, academic policies, tuition and ethics in the classroom.
  • The “Research Paper Help” section gives advice on selecting topics and writing term papers. “Learn from good examples of research papers,” a December 6, 2011 post by Claire Moore, helps students think of topics, research a topic, follow through with a clear goal, develop a writing process, create an outline and then write a final draft.
  • “Study Tips” talks about staying organized and focused on your task, strategies for studying and writing, making your environment conducive to learning and creativity, and keeping your mind open to learning.

Clear your brain, take a walk

“‘My mind beats on, my mind beats on, and no words come.’ Strolling through a garden in his home town of Munich in an attempt to clear his head, [Gustav von] Aschenbach sings these words as he grapples with his lost sense of identity; writing is fundamental to his sense of self, but his usual tightly controlled writing rituals are not having their desired effect,” wrote Shersten Johnson in his article “At a Loss for Words: Writer’s Block in Britten’s Death in Venice,” in the January 1, 2008 issue of PSYART.

When your writing rituals fail you, why not take a break? A walk in a natural setting may not give you a topic for your politics and government paper, but it will give you a variety of sights and sounds and will stimulate your brain. Then, when you get back to your keyboard, you can focus more efficiently on your research paper.

Here are some activities to inspire you:

  • Take a walk in the woods, on the beach, in a park, down a city street and observe, listen and smell what’s around you.
  • Visit a museum, look at paintings and sculpture to get ideas.
  • Go to a library, open random books and read a page or two.
  • Exercise to get the blood flowing in your body and brain.

With the new and improved on your side, writer’s block will soon become a thing of the past. Curious? Take a tour of Questia!

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