From random to relevant: Questia beats out search engines in finding research

Good term paper topicsLet’s face it, throughout your college career you’re going to be writing plenty of papers. You might even have to do a little research. It’s always good to have a secret weapon that will put your work head and shoulders above of the rest. The new and improved Questia is it! When it comes to finding research, plain old search engines can’t give you the reliable resources you need to make it to the head of the class. Read on to see what sets Questia apart, and why you need it before you start on that next paper.

What makes Questia so special?

Questia is a fully stocked online library with more than 70,000 online books from a variety of reputable commercial and academic presses. Want more? Questia also gives you access to more than 6 million high-quality, citable journal, newspaper and magazine articles. Last, but certainly not least, Questia’s content is all hand-selected by experienced librarians that know just what you need to write a great research paper! Can your college library offer all that without you having to leave the comforts of your dorm room?

Searches on Questia are a breeze. Start with a broad term and use filters to narrow your efforts. You have the option to look for your topic by keyword, publication title, author and more. Your results are divided into categories — books, academic journals, magazine articles, newspaper articles and encyclopedia articles. Find a result that seems like “the one?” Simply click on the read now button to have access to the entire article or book. The joys of technology!

Organizational powerhouse

But Questia isn’t just about finding research. The search engine is also a great organizational tool that can help you manage your research and make your next paper even better. Any notes or citations you create are automatically saved in your most recent active project. Books you save for quick reference can also be incorporated into your “works cited” list later. Select a particular bit of text and a drop down menu immediately pops up that allows you to highlight the text or cite the passage in your paper using either MLA, APA or Chicago styles. How easy was that?

Bookmarks and notes are additional features that help keep you focused and organized. Best of all, you have the option to view all of your highlighted text, citations, notes and bookmarks to the side without having to leave your book’s current page. Click on one of the items and immediately jump to that page. With all this help, paper writing is no longer going to feel like a chore that you put off until the last minute.

Bringing it all together

Now the bad news, you will probably end up writing more than one paper or working on more than one project during your time in college. But, Questia has your back. Your project page lists all the information you have saved within each project. And you can have as many projects as your little heart desires (or your professors demand!). Questia allows you to search within each project to find a specific item or manage your sources and create an instant bibliography, in whatever style you choose, and then print it as a Microsoft Word document. (Feel free to laugh when your parents talk about formatting their bibliographies on their typewriters back in the day! Can you imagine?)

No other site makes finding research as easy as Questia does. Need a little more convincing? How about the more than 500,000 students who have used Questia since it launched? Take a tour and see for yourself all that Questia has to offer, including a range of demos on “Searching Our Library,” “Using Our Research Tools” and “Managing Your Projects”. Those pesky research papers are well on their way to seeming not-so-scary anymore.

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  1. Eastcoast says:

    I’ve been using Questia for a while now and its awesome! I feel like its a completely unused tool. Agree with this review, good to see that its becoming more well known.


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