Five best summer jobs for college students — Build your resume and begin your career path

Entrepreneur Erin Heale

Entrepreneur Erin Heale sells ice cream (© Jim Cole/AP Images)

Summer brings sunshine and a break from studying, but it also brings an opportunity for summer employment. You have a chance to begin building your resume and establishing your first steps on a career path. Not to mention, you’ve also got a chance to earn some much-needed money for expensive tuition bills and book costs.

Our team at Questia tracked down the most-talked about summer employment opportunities that will mean more than just a paycheck.  Read on to learn how you can land one of these top jobs this summer:

  1. Freelance Writer: Working as a freelance writer will teach you invaluable research and writing skills. You’ll learn how to write concise, readable and enjoyable copy, as well as how to edit and streamline your articles for maximum viewership. Typically, you’re able to take on as many or as few assignments as you choose. Best of all, freelance writers have a far more flexible schedule provided you meet your deadlines. To find freelance writing opportunities, check out resources such as The Barefoot Writer.
  1. Server: Serving tables is one of the hardest jobs out there, but it can actually be very rewarding. You’ll learn how to keep calm under pressure and increase your memory and multitasking skills. By exposing yourself to high-quality fare and teaching yourself new abilities, you will develop interpersonal skills and broaden your mind. Visit Jobs2Careers to find available serving positions across the country.
  1. Internship: Interning at a company is one of the surest ways to have an “in” if you want to apply there after graduation. Having an internship on your resume will help put you above the rest of the applicants. Not only will it show your drive, it will also show you have experience and hands-on knowledge. A college education is crucial, but most employers are looking for proof that you’re a good worker. Check out Work for Students to find internship opportunities in your area.
  1. Nanny: Parents will often pay great rates for a good sitter over the summer. Good nannies spend their days doing fun and creative activities with kids. Whether you want to be a teacher, a therapist or a doctor, having experience with children is an enticing skill to put on your resume. Nannying is also something you can fall back into if you have a hard time finding a job after college or if you want to do something part-time during the school year. You can search for nannying positions near you at SitterCity, one of the most trusted resources out there.
  1. Entrepreneur: If you’re having trouble finding work or just want to launch your own paid pastime, summer is the time to do it. Mow lawns, walk dogs or paint houses—whatever you’re interested in—and learn a lesson in business startups while you’re at it. Get valuable tips on growing your own business by visiting to network and read success stories from people in your field of interest.

Job competition may be fierce, but a little hard work can go a long way. For even more coverage on summer jobs for college students, check out our featured article for And, for advice on how to get started on your job hunt, check out our recent blog post, “Job hunt study guide: Tips for writing a cover letter.”

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