Most Valuable Professor teaches at Berry College, students celebrate

Questia MVP: Most Valuable Professor, Julia Barnes at Berry College

Questia MVP: Most Valuable Professor, Julia Barnes at Berry College

The first ever Most Valuable Professor competition by Questia resulted in dozens of nominations and over a thousand votes! The professor who ultimately took home the title of MVP was Spanish professor at Berry College, Julia Corine Barnes, and her students were ecstatic over the victory. Not only does Berry College have the world’s largest campus to tout, but now they also have America’s Most Valuable Professor teaching at their school!

Marlon Blugh, a junior at Berry College, nominated Barnes for the honor of MVP for many reasons. “Prof. Barnes is simply a fair and reasonable individual. I nominated her because she has helped me in ways other professors have not. She truly listens and works with you.” Read the nomination Blugh submitted in our MVP announcement.

When Blugh learned his professor had made the finalists, he notified all of his classmates about the competition and “they were as eager as I was to vote.”

Blugh’s classmate and also a junior at Berry, Cari Voutila, was excited to hear her professor had won. “She set a new precedent for my expectations of what a professor should be like,” said Voutila. “She is incredibly challenging yet incredibly caring at the same time and I’ve encountered few professors that are both of those things at once. I can’t think of another professor that would deserve it more.”

Senior at Berry, Lara Thomson, said she’s learned so much from Barnes in a small amount of time. “I’ve learned more Spanish in two semesters than I’ve learned in seven years of middle and high school. I am really glad she knows how much her students appreciate her and I hope she feels appreciated.”

Congratulations again to Professor Julia Corine Barnes for winning the inaugural title of Most Valuable Professor! We will create the Julia Corine Barnes Scholarship by Questia in her honor, where three students will each be awarded $2,500 scholarships. Barnes will participate in determining the scholarship criteria and selecting the scholarship recipients with a team of Questia researchers.

Check back on our blog for more news on the Julia Corine Barnes Scholarship by Questia!

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