The voting begins! Questia’s Most Valuable Professor Competition

Most Valuable ProfessorThis is your opportunity to cast your vote for Questia’s first ever Most Valuable Professor Competition! College professors have an invaluable place in this world and don’t always get the props they deserve. Help Questia decide: Who is the MVP? This is your chance to voice your opinion, don’t be left in the dust! Voting starts Monday, April 23 and ends April 29.

Take a look at the finalists and visit Questia’s Facebook page to read why students nominated them and cast your vote on Monday. Your vote could make the difference!

  1. Dr. Ashley Mears, Sociology at Boston University
  2. Julia Corine-Barnes, Spanish at Berry College, Georgia
  3. Dr. Jamie Ward, Communications at University of Michigan-Dearborn
  4. Dr. Patrick McCauley, Religious Studies at Chestnut Hill College, Pennsylvania
  5. Kenneth Cherry, Marketing at Central Michigan University
  6. Jeannie Harmon, Child Development at Santa Rosa Junior College, California
  7. Dr. Michael Anders, Music at University of Findlay, Ohio
  8. Daniel L. Lemisch, Criminal Justice at Henry Ford Community College, Michigan
  9. Dave Miller, Mathematics at Queens College, City University of New York
  10. Mike Eddy, Film at Century College, Minnesota
  11. Dr. Ralene Mitschler, Biology at McDaniel College, Maryland

Why should you vote? The professor with the most votes will win the title of MVP, and the best part—Questia, the online research tool for students, will create three $2,500 scholarships in the MVP’s name. Three scholarship opportunities for students, it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

College study habits

As we continued to receive nominations for sensational professors across the country, we also took the time to survey 1,000 students and instructors on everything from study and research habits to relationship building with faculty. We knew that professors were substantial influencers in students’ lives, but these results may surprise you!

When students were asked who they turn to first for trustworthy academic advice, a whopping 61 percent said it was a professor. When asked who their college mentor is, 46 percent said it was also a professor. It looks like students put a lot of trust in their instructors, but do students take their advice on study and research?

When it comes to researching a term paper, the majority of instructors recommend spending 1-3 hours researching in the library and 4-6 hours of researching online. Surprisingly, students agree! However, when it comes to starting the term paper, it sounds like students and instructors aren’t quite on the same page. While 52 percent of instructors recommend starting the very day its assigned, 46 percent of students start a few weeks before the due date, 33 percent start one week before the due date and 5 percent don’t begin until the night before!

Study Habits Infographic

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  1. Annie B says:

    You forgot to mention biology professor Dr. Ralene Mitschler of McDaniel College in this post! Please fix this as soon as possible to ensure fairness!


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