Nominate a special professor for MVP — Most Valuable Professor recently featured our Most Valuable Professor competition, calling it a really cool way to give some credit to our nation’s educators. “They are notoriously underpaid and underappreciated, and we thought that this competition would be a phenomenal way to highlight the impact that a great teacher can have on a student.”
Questia MVP — Most Valuable Professor Competition

Check out what students across America are saying about their professors!

Daniel L. Lemisch at Henry Ford Community College
Nominated by Christina Arnold
People come and go out of your life. However, the manner in which he brought criminal law to life, will forever earn him a place in my psyche…Possessing credentials to teach at an ivy league school, he chose community college out of his passion for teaching and not money. Truly, he is not only a person that has impacted me for life, but also my Most Valuable Professor.

Julia Corine-Barnes at Berry College
Nominated by Marlon Blugh
Through my first two years in college, I have struggled to find my place. An unfamiliar atmosphere coupled with career uncertainties troubled me, but Sra. Barnes was always there to offer me guidance. Her kindness and compassion were incomparable and her optimism gave me life. Sra. Barnes’ willingness to go the extra mile is why she is my new academic advisor and why she deserves the MVP award.

Dave Miller at Queens College, City University of New York
Nominated by Stephanie Jeret
Albeit the stigma on math professors, Mr. Miller is by far the most down to earth, witty, and nicest professor I have ever had. Although difficult, he kept class enjoyable. If it was a 2 AM email or unofficial office hours, he was always there. In fact, I am no longer his student, and he still is always there. The most important thing to him is his student’s success, exemplifying the qualities of an MVP.

Tomorrow is your last day to nominate an influential professor for the title of MVP. Go to our Facebook page to submit your own nomination now!

For more information about the competition, visit our page on the Most Valuable Professor.

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