Red Letter Days

“Handwritten letters are becoming a thing of the past,”

says Wendy Lustbader, adding, “We have e-mail now…” In her Aging Today essay The Demise of Letter-writing, she acknowledges, “It is true that e-mail from dear friends can be printed out and given the heft of paper. I have done this, placing each email in a file folder labeled with the friend’s name. But I prefer my shabby boxes filled with 30 years’ worth of letters from these same friends. When I open them, envelopes of different colors and shapes, stamps of all varieties and postmarks greet me. I see my name written in familiar handwriting, addressed to past domiciles…However, when I open a file folder of accumulated e-mail, I remain unmoved by those pages of bloodless, typed uniformity.”

“I discover what I am thinking when I am writing by hand, on paper…I believe more depth and cohesion comes with writing on paper…”.

“Handwriting can tie us to our beloveds like nothing else. Somehow it calls forth the person more than photographs or video clips…Handwritten letters voice the language of the soul and are the rarest of treasures.”

If the author’s persuasive argument and this nostalgic time of year have you thinking about putting pen to paper, we encourage you to give it a shot.  And if you need a little help getting started, visit Letter Writing Guide for tips on letter mechanics, what to include in different types of letters (including business correspondence), sample letters, and more.

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