Search Engines You Should (But Probably Don’t) Know

“Ask anyone which search engine they use to find information on the Internet and they will almost certainly reply: ‘Google,’” says Charles S. Knight, Search Engine Optimizer and editor of AllSearchEngines. “Look a little further, and market research shows that people actually use four main search engines for 99.99% of their searches: Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and (in that order). But in my travels as a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO), I have discovered that in that .01% lies a vast multitude of the most innovative and creative search engines you have never seen. So many, in fact, that I have had to limit my list of the very best ones to a mere 100.”

In fact, Knight’s ReadWriteWeb article The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines includes a wealth of information about search engines and how different kinds of search engines – like clustering, recommendation, and Metasearch engines – work.

At the end of the article, Knight provides a fascinating list which includes search engines like blinkx, factbites, mnemomap, WEBBRAIN, and 96 others.  Please note that the list was compiled in 2007. Some of the search engines he identifies have changed (clusty is now Yippy, and Singing FISH is now AOL Video), and a few have faded into oblivion. But you’ll find plenty of functional search engines to check out.

Add The Top 100 Alternative Search Engines to your online research toolkit.

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